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Read Arbit’s story and learn how Prolific helped them find 200 high quality survey respondents in under 2 hours.

Arbit is a Baltimore-based Market Research company specialising in competitive intelligence. They manage a diverse array of projects for their clients: researching everything from purchasing behaviours to packaging design. As Co-CEO, Greg DiNardo leads these projects, drawing on his team’s expertise in survey design, analysis and interviewing in order to provide great market insights to his customers.

"I’d choose Prolific first. If I could go to

any of the platforms, you guys are the

first ones I’d choose."

Greg DiNardo
Cofounder and Co-CEO of Arbit

The Solution

Prolific’s self-service interface meant it took Greg only five minutes to launch his survey.

He set the study to recruit a maximum of 200 respondents, restricted his target audience to US millennials who were household grocery shoppers, fixed the price he’d pay per response, and hit “Publish”. In less than 2 hours all 200 responses were in.

Greg says they love using Prolific at Arbit. The platform is “flexible, fast and affordable”, but doesn’t compromise on data quality. “You can see this most easily in open ended questions. You can just tell that people are putting in effort into it”

A few hours after Greg launched the survey, data collection was complete and the results were with his client. The findings were exactly what they’d hoped:

Prolific’s respondents showed that not only did members of the public think the new recyclable packaging looked more environmentally friendly, they also found it more appealing. This was the empirical validation that Greg’s client needed, giving them confidence to move forward with their new, improved packaging.

Since discovering Prolific, Arbit have run dozens of studies: combining the data collecting power of their survey software with the respondent recruiting power of Prolific. Delivering the answers their clients need, on time and in budget.

The Upshot

"For smaller studies, Prolific is  perfect. I can set it up in 5 minutes, pay $100, get 200 responses."

Greg DiNardo

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